Big benefits for small businesses

As a small business owner, success rests on your ability to be a king of all trades. You manage of all operational duties, and that includes your cashflow.

Streamlining the payment process as efficiently as possible is the key to removing some of that heavy burden from your chest. Thankfully, with Direct Debit you can do just that.

Controlling your business starts with controlling your bottom line. Through Direct Debit, you can reap the following benefits:


No more chasing                                                                                                               

It can be embarrassing to nag your clients over late payments, especially when a small-town mentality comes into play and negative word of mouth is a lingering threat.

Nevertheless, 85% of small and medium-sized businesses find themselves forced to wait beyond their invoice terms for a transaction of money. Through Direct Debit, payments will be automatic and can be adjusted in line with the ebb and flow of client needs.


It’s easier to plan ahead

Payments through Direct Debit are cheaper than cash, cheque and card. Quite simply you will be paying less money to work in a decelerated fashion – it’s a completely win-win situation!

Beyond this, incoming cashflow can be measured and tracked in advance, giving you foresight in tougher times.


Decrease laborious tasks

With so much on your plate, reducing any time on administration should be a welcome thing. The majority of Direct Debit’s are paperless, saving you in storage and giving a little something back to the environment in the process.

All that’s left to do beyond the sign up is to monitor payments and adjust the amount if necessary.


Customer convenience

So with that in mind, why waste your customer’s time muddling around with payment variations when their usage and amount is ever-changing? Direct Debit payments can be flexible, saving the faff of contacting customers and gaining permission each and every time.

Don’t worry – Direct Debit is the safest payment method in the UK and your customers are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.


If you think your business could benefit from the above, get in touch now on 01908 422026.

Expel administrative burden with Direct Debit

Direct Debit is a valuable tool used by businesses worldwide as a way of becoming more efficient, manageable and cost-effective. Convenient and time-saving, it eliminates administrative hassle from all operations.

Put simply, Direct Debits make running a business much easier.


Getting a better grip on your cashflow

Direct Debit provides you with foresight on incoming payments. Easy to track and monitor, you can use this information to reduce the risk of oversights and strategically budget for the future.

Knowing who is paying how much at what time spares you of chasing late payments or sending out reminders. You, as a business, remain in control of your cashflow all the time.

In fact, the customer only needs to approve payment collection from their account once. Further authorisations aren’t necessary, even with flexible payment amounts. This means less paperwork and an easier way to organise your bottom line.


The age of advancement

Direct Debit has never been faulted for its inability to move with the times. The entire process is largely handled in a paperless fashion, easing the lives of customers and staff.

Through online joining portals, like DFC’s own FastDD, people can sign up to the scheme online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

FastDD is embedded in your website and provides automatic bank verification, reducing errors and delays on entry. Subsequently, the number of contact resolution points is reduced dramatically.

A fantastic sales aid, portals like FastDD can increase your monthly sales cycle whilst reducing the time and cost implications that come with this.


Even better…

Why not go one step further and get DFC to manage your Direct Debits for you? We take the hassle out of streamlining your payment process. You can save time and money whilst staying in complete control of your payments.

It’s our mission is to help you improve your relationships with your customers so that they stay longer. You can leave us to collect your Direct Debits, while you concentrate on running – and growing – your business.