Debit Finance Collections for Franchisors & Associations

Whether you are part of a franchise or looking to start one, we can help you. Our bespoke solutions have helped businesses of all sizes streamline and automate the time consuming task of debit collection which has allowed them to concentrate on the success of their business.

Our team of professional experts are on hand to assist you and support your business with all the problems you could face with debit collection.

Professional debit collection has been our business since 1975 so we know what we are doing. This leaves you to focus on your business knowing that the money you earn is being collected securely by our team of professionals.

More billing

We have removed rigidity from the equation as much as possible for the benefit of you and your customers. By increasing our billing frequencies and billing days, we have provided greater flexibility surrounding the transfer process.

Furthermore, our products FastDD and Electronic File Transfer make collection more straightforward and quicker. FastDD provides a simple method for your customers to make payments via your website. Tailored to match your company’s branding, integration with this system is simple and Automatic bank account verification reduces errors on entry, giving your customers that additional security blanket.

The alternative is our Electronic File Transfer system, another simple and speedy payment option that allows fixed-term or ongoing collection to be set up either face-to-face or over the phone. Through utilising both of these methods, your customers will receive personalised confirmation letters to keep them as informed about their payments as you are.

More credit control

In fact, our confirmation letters are just one of the ways we strive to maintain outstanding credit control. With the opportunity to carry out collections via text, online or over the phone, our heightened payment flexibility not only provides a more valuable customer journey, it gives you access to your money faster.

Beyond this, we have a number of credit control stages that we ask paying customers to adhere to. We are perfectly comfortable in dealing with situations involving outstanding debt collections.

Customers can expect an average of nine points of contact before final collection, and we will work with them to ensure this is met.

We know that sometimes it is necessary to take further steps to recover payment. Our years of experience have fostered our approach that is tactful, diligent and persistent. We remove the burden of recovering unpaid money so that you can concentrate on the areas of the business that you do best. Your customers can be confident that they are dealing with a credit controller that has fair treatment of customers at the forefront of their approach.

More customer service

We make it our goal to improve our resources wherever possible with you in mind. As a result there are more payment avenues for your customers than ever before. Our call centre, which we have now also opened on Saturdays, is busy listening to thousands of requests a day. We do this to deflect the onus away from hard-working employers who need to focus their attention on growing areas of their business and caring for their customers

Likewise, by outsourcing your Direct Debit process to us, you will find your Accounts team with more time on their hands, as well as less of a hole in your company’s pocket. Invoice chasing will become a thing of the past. Instead, their time can be put to far better use, and productivity will improve as a result.

More transparency, reporting & analytics

It is imperative to us that you experience absolute clarity throughout your journey with us. One of the ways we ensure this is by giving you easy access to customer payment records at all times. Our unique management information platform, the Data Retrieval Service, delivers an insight into live, new, frozen and unpaid or defaulted Direct Debits through your current CRM system.

You can also make use of daily, weekly or monthly reports, as well as analytics that give an insight into your best paying customers and areas for development. Our reports are customisable, allowing you to select the insights that are most relevant to your brand.

More compliance

Your safety is our primary concern.

We are Trading Standards, PCI and Bacs approved, and ensure that no data or transactions are carried out in an unsecure manner. Likewise, regular safety checks are undertaken by a third party, to certify that security is continuously operating at its highest standards.