More ... Debit Collection

At DFC we do things differently. We use the latest technology, complemented by a belief in total transparency, to efficiently collect Direct Debit payments for thousands of happy clients – leaving them free to manage their core business. With DFC as your partner, you have a powerful resource with a personal touch.

More... Analytics

We understand that working with finances, your figures are going to be subject to scrutiny from your customers, and so your reporting and analytics need to be watertight.

More... Customer Service

We understand how important your customers are to your business, and that keeping them happy is vital to ensure their continued custom. That’s why we handle thousands of inbound and outbound calls every month from our dedicated, 100% UK based call centre, which is also open on weekends.

More... Compliance

We understand that compliance is crucial with any financial service. DFC and our service is compliant to Trading Standards and PCI and we hold a primary authority agreement.

More... Reporting

We understand that regular reporting is crucial for accountability and transparency. We also understand that traditionally, this has been an arduous and often painful process.

More... Credit Control

There are considerations for following up procedures, credit control stages and payment options for your customers, which is why we want to offer you the flexibility and variety to choose the right option for you.

More... Billing

We understand that you need to offer your customers as much flexibility as possible to keep them happy – and we want to keep you happy by giving you that option.

More... Integrations

Our latest server and software technology handles integration with many CRM systems, as well as easy and customisable integration with your company website, regardless of the platform you are running.