Best practise for secure Direct Debit collections

The GDPR is now in force! Are you locking your work computers? Have you updated your passwords? And have you reassessed your Direct Debit strategy?

Whilst Direct Debit is one of the safest payment methods available in the UK (governed under the rules of the Direct Debit Guarantee), safeguards are a vital facet in any situation where money and personal data unite.

Here are some of the safety measures you can put in place to ensure your Direct Debit practise operates smoothly:

  1. Use online joining – gyms and fitness centres, in particular, have lorded online joining as the holy grail of membership acquisition. Online joining, such as DFC’s FastDD, is a safe way for customers to sign up to a Direct Debit. Automatic bank verification reduces delays and errors on first payment, and all data is locked away in a paperless vault (aka. Your CRM).
  2. Keep the bank and Bacs in the loop – particularly with regards to your security info. If this information is incorrect, then they may not be able to get in touch regarding important matters. They’re also less likely to accept authorised verbal instructions.
  3. Develop a damage control strategy – most operations function much more efficiently when processes are put in place. A disaster mitigation plan will set the wheels in motion to handle something as small as late payments (which are unfortunately a given) to rarer crises such as system failures.
  4. Use a bureau – this is arguably some of the best advice you will receive, in this case for contingency, but also for many other motives. A bureau will handle every aspect of the Direct Debit process for you, from the attainment of a member or subscriber to customer service and data control. Bureaus are the font of knowledge on everything Direct Debit. Security is their forte and they’re happy to remove the onus from you.
Who is DFC?

DFC is a leading Direct Debit bureau offering a transparent service, with clear pricing and no hidden extras.

DFC’s mission is to make our clients business easier and help improve your relationships with your customers so that they stay longer. You can let DFC collect your Direct Debits, while you concentrate on running and growing your business.