Direct Debit is much more than a convenient payment method.

It is an effective way for your customers to spread payments, and a predictable flow of income for your business. Managed properly, Direct Debit can significantly increase customer revenue. And that’s where the DFC difference comes in.

Our job is to handle your Direct Debit collections with a view to maximising return on investment. Our comprehensive approach enables us to:

  • Drive up sales through a simpler, easier and more attractive joining process
  • Improve collection rates and reduce defaulted payments
  • Increase customer retention (by three months on average)
  • Free up your internal administrative to focus on revenue-generating activities

Our clients trust us to manage their cashflow, knowing that we take what we do very seriously. We seek to create true business partnerships, based on transparency and integrity. Our mission is to make your business easier, and we do that by taking every aspect of the Direct Debit collection process of your hands.

There are five main ways we support our clients.

Billing – we take the pressure off regarding billing, offering your customers more payment flexibility than ever before. Our slick FastDD Platinum process takes just three minutes from start to end.

Customer service – our customer service helpline answers thousands of calls a day, six days a week meaning you don’t have to.

Credit control – chasing customers is a stressful business. We make it easy for them to rectify missed payments using state-of-the-art MyPayments technology, thereby maintaining the harmony between you and your customers.

Reporting – we provide up-to-the-minute reports housing commercial and payment data. These can be scheduled or downloaded as and when you want.

Integration – we integrate with your chosen CRM, so all your revenue information can be accessed from one single hub.