Direct Debit Services From An FCA Authorised Provider

As a health and fitness operator, you will be used to assessing risks that impact the health and safety of your facilities, but financial and digital risks can be overlooked. Ensuring you protect your business and your members from financial and data security risks is important.

As a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised payments institution, DFC adheres to strict security and operational requirements when providing Direct Debit collection services to your business.

When you entrust your membership payments to us, your business and member data is protected against breaches to the highest standards. Importantly, you can rest assured that the income you collect from membership payments is in safe hands.

  • Flexible Bacs accredited collections – We are a Bacs Approved Bureau and a Bacs Accredited Facilities Management Scheme. Operating as a bureau, we collect fees on your behalf directly from members using our Service User Number (SUN) – an easy option no matter your size. Alternatively, we can manage collections on your behalf using your SUN – so you benefit from our proven approach, whilst income from memberships comes directly to your business.
  • Protect your income – Revenue from membership payments is the lifeblood of your business, so you need to know that it’s secure with your payment provider. Our robust systems and processes ensure your income is safe with us. Where we collect payments on your behalf, these are either paid directly to you or held in a ring-fenced account.
  • Avoid fraudulent sign ups – Our joining platform has inbuilt bank account verification. So not only do you take the paperwork out of joining for members and teams, but you also avoid both incorrect and fraudulent payment details being given. Risk of fraud is reduced when a new member gains access to facilities before a Direct Debit collection happens.
  • Keep your business running smoothly – Security of your income and data are key reasons to choose an FCA authorised payments provider. Beyond this, choosing a regulated firm allows you to ensure continuity in processing payments. Our robust continuity plans ensure that you can keep taking member payments. So, your business runs smoothly without compromising member experience no matter what happens.
  • Putting you & your members first – As an FCA authorised Direct Debit payments institution, we allow you to rest assured that your members are always treated fairly. From timely and transparent communications to our empathic highly skilled member services team, we are focused on ensuring you and your members always receive the high service you would expect.

Jamie Wren – Commercial and Marketing Director at Intermedia Brand Marketing Ltd talks about working with DFC.

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