Full-Service Direct Debit Collections

Member retention is tough with so many touchpoints to consider in order to keep your members coming back. Not to mention the need to compete in an ever-changing marketplace with competition coming in many forms.

As health and fitness specialists, DFC know that payments are a key component of any membership package. Done well, Direct Debit Collections are seamless for members, while delivering you optimal revenue and cashflow.

Our full-service approach to Direct Debit collections removes the challenge of managing membership payments from your plate. Leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best – looking after your members.

  • Reliably collect payments – Direct Debits offer a cost effective and reliable way to collect recurring payments from your members. With a high level of consumer protection, Direct Debits give members peace of mind, whilst arming you with the flexibility needed to run a successful membership programme.
  • Facilitate regular collections – Our size and infrastructure brings flexibility, meaning we can facilitate weekly, monthly, or annual Direct Debit collections. You can offer members choice over when payments are taken to reduce the risk of missed payments.
  • Integrate payments fast & flexibly – Whether you currently collect membership payments by Direct Debit, use another payment method, or are just getting started, we are equipped to help you. Quickly get started with expert help, a flexible software integration, and even an end-to-end business management solution option.
  • Access insights to drive performance – We arm you with the information you need to run your organisation. Our online client portal gives you visibility into member payments, and standard and custom reports deliver the insights you need to amplify performance.

Jamie Wren – Commercial and Marketing Director at Intermedia Brand Marketing Ltd talks about working with DFC.

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