The War on Attrition:

Skyrocketing member loyalty in health clubs using Direct Debit

retention guru

Two in. One out. This is the gruelling reality for gyms up and down the country. Even though one in seven people in the UK possess a gym membership, gyms and health clubs lose around 50 per cent of their members each year.

The War on Attrition, produced in conjunction with leading retention authority, Paul Bedford, offers in-depth insight into the key reasons why gyms struggle to keep hold of their members. Using real data, The War on Attrition unpicks member behaviour to determine the steps operators must be taking to keep their members coming back long after the new year has ended, or their 12-month contract has expired.

Whether you’re looking for ways to measure retention, or to understand why people aren’t sticking around, the War on Attrition provides comprehensive guidance on how to best manage the retention of your health club.

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