Virtual assets: how gyms can retain members who can’t attend physically

Sometimes, situations outside yours or your members’ control arise that mean that members can’t attend your gym.

Whilst this undoubtedly puts gyms on the back foot, the good news is that there are many ways in which fitness providers can engage with their members even when they can’t attend physically.

Some of the most successful recent changes in the fitness industry focus on changes in what the customer wants or needs. It’s clear that, when it comes to fitness, flexibility is key – both inside the gym and out.

Virtual assets tap into this need for flexibility. Providing your members with useful virtual assets can help by reducing attrition rates and boosting member loyalty, making sure that your bottom line is less affected by members being unable to be on your gym floor.

Virtual training

Virtual training is arguably one of the biggest current trends in the fitness industry. Customers can exercise anytime, anywhere, and can even access training on a single class basis.

By recording trainers performing and demonstrating different fitness moves and collating them into different exercise routines, you can make sure that your members are keeping fit even when they’re not at your gym.

Members are engaged with the brand and their activity is still provided by the gym, whether or not they’re physically in the space. This decreases the risk of members cancelling their membership as they can still access useful services remotely. Furthermore, virtual instructors replace the need for physical instructors for the duration of that session, decreasing staffing costs.

Fitness challenges

To entice members to your virtual platforms, you can run fitness challenges.

Gym challenges create a fitness community amongst your members, as members can work towards a similar goal. This can increase your customer retention.

You can motivate your members online by sharing a weekly leader board, prizes, and updates. What’s more, by moving activity to your social media and website, you can benefit from the great online exposure for your gym.

Even when members can’t access gyms, there are many ways in which fitness providers can still engage with their customers. In fact, making sure that you are still providing high-value content to your members will increase your retention in hard times.

By moving your services online, you can remotely reach members and keep them engaged with your brand. DFC can help you move some of your services online, including your membership management services. For more information, read more about our FastDD Platinum solution.

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