1Life Digitally Engages Members With TrueCoach

Based in the UK, 1Life manages over 30 Local Authority facilities including leisure centres, swimming pools, golf courses and theatres. The innovative lifestyle and management solutions operator aims to engage and enhance the lives of those in the local communities it serves.

With over 10 million customer visits a year, 1Life serves more than 40,000 gym members and a further 15,000 swim school members.

COVID-19 Drives Dramatic Operating Changes

Like many leisure operators across the world in 2020, 1Life has been forced to adapt to rapidly changing operating practices and the enforced closure period during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Without an online or virtual membership option in place, 1Life acted fast to build a compelling online fitness package. The operator had multiple objectives in mind, including:

  • Keep members and wider communities healthy and active while safe at home
  • Engage members with regular content to reduce the risk of attrition during this uncertain period
  • Maintain a revenue stream for the organisation to allow for the continuity of operations

“Almost overnight we required an at home solution to serve members. Our team quickly mobilised to build a package that would allow us to keep members engaged while supporting our organisation. We needed a solution that was easy to manage, quick to launch and value for money, TrueCoach matched the bill.”

Steve Bambury, Commercial Director, 1Life

Upon logging into the DFC membership payment management portal, 1Life discovered that an extended trial of TrueCoach was available.

DFC, along with fellow TSG solutions such as Harlands Group and Legend Club Management Systems, has offered a 90-day free trial of the TrueCoach digital fitness platform, also a TSG business.

Delivering Daily Workouts For A Diverse Audience

Getting started with TrueCoach was quick and easy, 1Life signed up to the trial and received immediate access to the intuitive platform. The team was able to explore and get to know the platform without the need for any implementation or integration work. Simple branding and theming options allowed for basic customisation.

As a forward-thinking operator, 1Life recognised that TrueCoach could be employed to enable the delivery of an ongoing programme of workouts, alongside nutrition tips, to a base of opted-in members. Helping to keep members active and engaged at home.

The operator chose to include TrueCoach membership as part of an online fitness package, which also incorporates Les Mills On Demand access, discounts from Physical Company and Myzone and other exclusive content.

Members have been able to reinstate regular monthly membership payments or sign up for a virtual membership option for £9.99 a month. For those opting to pay their regular rate, 1Life decided to donate 25% to MIND, a leading UK mental health charity.

“The platform is really intuitive, really simple to navigate and, without any training or guidance, we were able to understand that it would meet our objectives for the online fitness package we were building.”

David Conway, Contract Manager, 1Life

Following a mass targeted ‘one size fits all’ approach to using TrueCoach, when a member opts in to the online fitness package, details are uploaded to TrueCoach in a phased approach. This has allowed the member to sign up to TrueCoach and get access to a workout programme.

This workout programme has been built by 1Life with accessibility in mind. It aims to suit members of all abilities, tastes and ages, and regularly includes family-friendly options. Daily workouts have been built using content from a range of sources including proprietary 1Life videos, third parties such as Les Mills and the TrueCoach library of premium quality exercise videos.

When support has been needed along the way, 1Life found the team at TrueCoach to be responsive with the option of telephone support, as well as access to a chatbot for answers to quick questions.

Engaging Members & Supporting Operational Needs

In the first month of launch, almost 1,500 members took up the online fitness package. Around 10% have gone on to actively use TrueCoach. 1Life has also been able to sign up a modest number of non-members to the package, providing a pipeline for conversion to full memberships in the future.

Members have provided positive feedback on the TrueCoach platform, including liking the structure that the programme of workouts provides and that the whole family can get involved.

By choosing TrueCoach, 1Life has been able to:

  • Engage the diverse communities it serves with a structured workout programme catering to the needs of many
  • Provide members with workout options that can be done in the comfort and safety of their own homes, reducing the risk of attrition to other providers at this time
  • Support its operations with income from membership fees collected whilst supporting the work of an important charity

Whilst the facilities it operates remain closed, 1Life will continue to gently push the online fitness package and TrueCoach to members and the wider local communities it serves.

Beyond the closures, the platform offers 1Life the opportunity to create ‘bolt-on’ options to enhance the membership experience. For example, members with specific goals and dietary needs could opt-in to a nutrition bolt-on with access to exclusive nutrition advice, meal plans and more delivered via TrueCoach.

“In a world where there are so many options available and you can choose from an overwhelming number of free online workouts, members appreciate the structure of the plan delivered via TrueCoach. Members find the visibility of what their workout will be from one day to the next reassuring and like the guidance provided.”

David Conway, Contract Manager, 1Life

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