DFC helps PowerWave maintain robust membership collection rates

  • With classes filling up, PowerWave needed an easy way to collect Direct Debit payments and maintain robust collection rates
  • DFC’s unique process has driven retention and helped build long-lasting relationships between PowerWave and its members

About PowerWave

PowerWave is a revolutionary cross trainer manufacturer and UK fitness franchise. Founded over four years ago, PowerWave delivers high-intensity fitness classes to its members using its patented PowerWave devices.

Founder, Jay Laville, recently launched PowerWave’s new online platform – XPS Virtual Coach – in a milestone moment in the company, but they couldn’t have reached it without the support of partners like revenue management providers, DFC.

“For PowerWave it’s all about membership growth. Not only do DFC give us fantastic advice on how to build and retain our membership base. Their services are key to driving up revenue.”

Jay Laville

PowerWave joined forces with DFC in 2016, on the advice of a fellow industry professional, as a way of easing the burden of Direct Debit collection on its busy staff. The franchise was going from strength to strength, and it needed a way of keeping control over the growing number of Direct Debit members.

From the onset, DFC took a consultative approach, implementing strategies and advice to help PowerWave get the most out of Direct Debit

DFC’s unique process has been fundamental to PowerWave’s ongoing growth, particularly from an administrative standpoint. DFC’s end-to-end management of PowerWave’s Direct Debit process has freed up time internally for the staff to focus on growing the business.

As a result, collection rates have improved, retention has increased and PowerWave’s customer base is growing.

“DFC acts as a mediator, so we don’t have to have awkward conversations with our clients about payments. As experts in the field, they know how to handle situations calmly and effectively. They also answer member queries that we simply don’t have time to deal with.”

Jay Laville

Credit control

PowerWave was particularly pleased to remove payment chasing from their repertoire. Jay was concerned that chasing payments would be destroying all the hard work PowerWave had put into building relationships with its members.

DFC was more than happy to take this task off PowerWave’s hands. Having a third-party to look after missed payments has taken the onus off PowerWave. DFC’s in-house customer service team are as friendly as they are helpful, making it incredibly simple for people to rectify failed payments.

DFC’s in-house customer service team are as friendly as they are helpful, making it incredibly simple for people to rectify failed payments.


As its platform for communicating with, and handling all aspects of the member lifecycle, it was vital that DFC integrate seamlessly with PowerWave’s leisure management system, Club Manager.

DFC handled the integration quickly and efficiently, ensuring that, amongst PowerWave’s CMS suite, Direct Debit information was also included. This has made it much easier for PowerWave to access payment data and compare it against other membership data in the system.

On top of this, all PowerWave’s data retrieval reports are also automatically sent to Club Manager, enabling Jay and his team to access the reports easily from a shared space.

“DFC has made mine, and my team’s lives, considerably easier.”

Jay Laville

Services through DFC

Fully managed service
  • Online joining
  • Monthly payment collections
  • Credit control
  • Customer service helpline
  • Regular payment reports

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