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Staying fit plays an important role in maintaining strong physical and mental health, as well as preventing illness and disease. Fitness facilities play a pivotal role in helping members get and stay fit. We caught up with an innovative client to find out the adaptations in place to keep members safe.

Not your typical gym

Established in Munich, Germany, back in 2007, the Bodystreet franchise launched into the UK in 2016, opening its first UK studio in Milton Keynes on 15 July. In the 4 years since this first opening Bodystreet has expanded with studios in 9 locations, with 3 more currently in planning.

Bodystreet is not your average gym. Targeting busy individuals alongside keen athletes, it offers high tech electro muscle stimulation (EMS) training. EMS stimulates muscles to contract more and work harder. It allows members to train for just 20 minutes once a week under the supervision of an experienced Bodystreet trainer – getting the same benefit as training for a full hour 3 times a week with a PT at a traditional gym.

With personalised experience the key to the success of Bodystreet, studio limit no more than 2 people to train at anyone time. Approximately 65% of members are women aged 40-60 looking for a quick way to get results that can be easily incorporated into a busy work or family schedule. Members value the service, the secure and non-intimidating training environment and luxury experience on offer.

Adapting to closures

When the announcement was made that gyms and other leisure facilities must close from 21 March, as it is not a typical gym environment, Bodystreet was uncertain over whether closure would be required for its studios. The decision was swiftly taken that closure was the right thing to do to protect members and teams given the seriousness of the crisis.

Members were given the choice over whether to continue supporting their local studio by paying membership fees. As many as 80% of members in some locations have chosen to give this support – showing how highly valued the studios and teams are to members.

Within 4 days of closing its doors Bodystreet had launched a virtual offering. A series of videos are available to members using the same movements training programmes follow to be performed without equipment. This has been supported by personal training and coaching via Zoom.

Many members have enjoyed the option of remote workouts and this is something Bodystreet will look to continue in the future as a supplement to in studio training.

Applying technology to protect members

In the same way that it offers a high-tech training method, the innovative team at Bodystreet has looked to apply technology to improve already outstanding levels of cleanliness it has operated to.

The franchisor has taken the decision to install an Ozone cleansing system at each of it’s franchisee sites. The solution from StudiOzone, will cleanse Bodystreet Studios each night in just 30 minutes. The technology converts oxygen within the studios into ozone, when ozone comes into contact with organic matter oxidation occurs that effectively ‘kills’ bacteria, viruses, mould and spores. Once the treatment is complete ozone converts back to oxygen leaving the studios clean and smelling fresh – much like the smell after a thunderstorm on a hot summer day!

Beyond this as standard, Bodystreet has always been fastidious when it comes to hygiene. Between each member visit, jackets worn by those training are sterilised, and studios, changing rooms, showers and toilets are cleaned.

The main difference for members attending following reopen are closed showers and the luxury of having a coffee whilst working out will not be offered for a time. Bodystreet has also decided to keep members and colleagues safe, 2-metre social distancing will be kept in place.

“Gone are the days when we can rely on pills or treatment to fix us. We need to take personal responsibility for our own health, and fitness plays an important part in that. Safe places are needed to ensure individuals can take on this personal responsibility – we believe our innovative studios are a safe place to train.

Beyond being a secure and protective environment for working out, the high-tech electro muscle stimulation training Bodystreet offers a highly efficient way to train. A weekly 20-minute session with a Trainer delivers the same results as training for an hour with a PT in three times a week normally would.”

Mark Holland, CEO, Bodystreet (UK and Eire)

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