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DFC offered us an additional income generating opportunity. It’s allowed us to concentrate on sales rather than admin. It costs less to have a Direct Debit collected by DFC as opposed to the administrative costs of doing this in-house. We’ve seen an uplift in memberships by around 10% and have saved so much time.

The selling process for our customers is easier. There are now four payment dates to choose from as opposed to one, and we can sign people up for memberships in a much more streamlined way e.g. through using the iPad or iPhone. First payments also no longer need to be taken immediately, making the membership more attractive.

I would recommend working with DFC and we can see the benefits. We will look at other areas of the business over the next 12 months that could use Direct Debit, such as swimming lessons, and see if DFC’s services can be implemented there.

– Business and Marketing Manager, Karen Nichol

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