FastFitStrong case study

  • In the beginning, FastFitStrong collected payments through standing order and repeat invoices.
  • They needed a quick, simple and cost-effective way to collect payments.
  • After surveying their options, they joined forced with DFC for end-to-end Direct Debit collection.

About FastFitStrong

FastFitStrong is the brainchild of ex-British Cycling strength coach Scott Pearson. It offers strength and conditioning training to world-class cyclists, novices and those with an interest in the sport. Scott’s incredible track record has seen him train Paralympic Gold Medallists, world champion cyclists and Premiership Rugby Union players.

Standing orders and repeat invoicing
Prior to the partnership, FastFitStrong collected all their payments through standing order and repeat invoicing. But this was proving problematic:

  1.  Payment failures were more difficult to spot
  2. Time was eaten up on administration
  3. Standing orders were proving inflexible
  4. It was expensive

“I spent a lot of the time doing the chasing before. DFC hassignificantly reduced my workload” – Scott Pearson

Services through DFC

Fully managed service

  • Face-to-face and over the phone joining
  • Monthly payment collections
  • Credit control
  • Customer service helpline
  • Regular payment reports

Partnering with DFC

Within 8 months of getting FastFitStrong the ground, Scott enlisted revenue management service providers, DFC, to take the burden of payment management off his hands so that he could be free to focus on growing his passion.

Scott looked at lots of options before settling on DFC:

“I considered payment gateways, but DFC manage the process in its entirety, taking all aspects of the admin process off my hands.”

Scott was also pleased by the fact that DFC charge a fixed fee rather than a % of the fee. 

“Once I reach a threshold of clients, DFC pays for itself.That’s the benefit of only paying a fixed fee” – Scott Pearson

What benefits has FastFitStrong seen?

Since enlisting DFC, Scott has been able to unload the burden of Direct Debit collection – the primary source of income for FastFitStrong. He has been freed up to focus his time entirely on his clients and meeting their goals.

In the first few months of business, administration was eating into Scott’s day, with negative time and cost implications. Long hours that could have been spent with clients were spent organising invoices and tracking payments. Nowadays, DFC manages all that administration.

From helping people join, to payment collection and offering consultative advice, DFC acts as a one-stop-shop for all things Direct Debit related. At the front end, DFC provides a customer service line for Scott’s clients to sign up to Direct Debit quickly and easily. Open six days a week, the helpline provides expert answers to any Direct Debit queries, as well as a simple way to rectify failed payments.

When a client isn’t so eager to remedy any lost payments, DFC handles all the chasing, saving Scott an uncomfortable job and safeguarding his reputation. Scott receives regular reports, housing data on a wealth of commercial and payment information about his business, so he can keep track of payments and forecast for the future.

“DFC has given me peace of mind. As a small business I have limitedtime for admin” – Scott Pearson

Future plans for FastFitStrong

Scott is now expanding the FastFitStrong portfolio by offering remote, online coaching to people all over the world – and even as far afield as Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, and Yorkshire.

Not only is this a flexible training solution which allows more people access to a professional standard routine, but will be a cheaper alternative to private training for his clients.

Keep an eye on FastFitStrong for updates!

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