Moving house and your Debits

If you’re on the brink of moving house then you’ll be finding out just how much there is to think about. Far from a question of simply boxing everything up and then plonking it down in your dream home, moving is also about remembering those little details that are hugely important – like switching your bills.

That said, a move can also mean a fresh start, and if you’ve been paying your household bills via phone or another method each month, why not use your new start as an opportunity to make a change that’ll save you time and money? Why not set up Direct Debits?

Paying via Direct Debit collection means you never have to worry about paying late when time runs away from you, as the funds will leave your bank account on a date you agree in advance, so all you need to worry about is getting used to your new home. Better still, you could save money over the course of the year, as many businesses offer a discount to customers who pay via Direct Debits. Check the back of your bill to see if you could be making savings, or ask when you speak to your provider just to check.

Now if you’re wondering how much time and energy setting up your Debits is going to take then don’t panic, you’ll often find a Direct Debit form attached to your bill that you can simply fill out and send back to the company, but if you can’t see one then give the provider a call and request that they send you one. It’ll only take moments to fill in and you’ll be able to stay in charge of your money going forward, now that’s got to be worth a few minutes…

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