Questions you should be asking your Direct Debit bureau

If Direct Debit is your chosen method for collecting membership and subscription or one-off payments then you’re already on a great path for your business and bottom line.

Despite this, it can still be a time-consuming endeavour to oversee administrational duties. Sometimes you need experts in place who can handle the process for you. But how do you ensure your organisation is receiving the best service? Here’s what you should be asking your Direct Debit bureau:

What do they offer?

Do they manage the Direct Debit process in its entirety? If so, does this match up to your needs? Is there anything they can’t do that will create more work for you?

What flexibility do they give your customers?

Your Direct Debit bureau is the expert in payment collection; therefore it stands to reason that they should be the one discussing it with your users. At DFC, our call centre is open 6 days week and is busy handling thousands of requests a day from customers.

How regularly can you bill customers?

If your bureau only allows collections to be carried out in fixed amounts then this detracts from the flexibility offered by Direct Debit in the first place, so it’s worth considering if they’re the right fit for you. Through DFC, billing can be scheduled on a weekly, fortnightly, 4 Weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, Monday to Friday.

Are they accommodating to the ebbs and flows of your service?

Some industries chop and change their membership/subscription strategy regularly. Take for instance the leisure industry, which relies on offers to get new members through the door. If this is the case, it’s important to find a bureau prepared to handle these changes quickly and efficiently.

Do they have the technology to allow you to track your payments?

It’s all well and good finding a company to manage your payment collections, but it’s still important you remain aware of incoming payments, failures, your best-paying customers and your worst. DFC’s reports provide insights into all your transactions and are available to view 24/7. These can be automated to be received daily, weekly or monthly.

Can they integrate with your CRM?

A seamless CRM is the oracle of every business. It’s no good joining the dots when you have data stored all over the place. This is why DFC integrates with many of the leading CRM platforms and deal with millions of API web service requests per month. They are even willing to expand if a CRM doesn’t fall into their current portfolio.

What are others saying about them?

“DFC is meticulous to detail and customer service is second to none, not to mention the expertise and advice they offer our management team at all levels.”

M Lyons, BH Live

“We now have two of our businesses using their service and won’t hesitate to integrate the system into new businesses and would highly recommend them to any prospective client.”

Niall Hebron, Reality Expansion Group

“With DFC we are confident that the membership payments will be collected every month, allowing us to plan our business and to reinvest into our facilities.”

Julie Watson, Slough Leisure

These are just some of the fantastic reviews left from happy DFC clients. Have a look at our 
Direct Debit solutions and see what we can do for you!

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