Taking the hassle out of defaulted payments with My Payments

My Payments is DFC’s answer to defaulted Direct Debit issues.

Keeping your customers happy is front and foremost to retaining them. It’s stressful when payments are rejected, so making their lives easier at this hurdle is a sure-fire way to keep them on board.

The My Payments portal provides a quick and secure way for your customers to pay defaulted payments without any complications.

Monitoring payments

My Payments is integrated into DFC’s platform, as well as utilised by clients in-house. Many even provide customer access through their apps.

Members can keep track of payments and quickly rectify problems without creating extra work for those inside the business. The outcome is time saved on admin and an increase in customer experience.

46% of customers across DFC’s service choose to pay through My Payments due to its convenience and simplicity. As a result, DFC has been able to dramatically decrease call centre waiting times and place greater care on each individual.

A pain free process

Since using My Payments, DFC has seen over a 50% success rate in payments on members in stage one of the default process.

Payments can be taken on a number of platforms, including mobile, tablet and PC, meaning customers don’t have to set time aside to deal with the issue. This can be carried out easily whilst on the move.

Once a payment has defaulted, a link to My Payments will trigger through SMS links, email and direct URLs, making it easy for customers to locate and access.

Customers are merely required to input their postcode and reference number, which can be found on any communication from DFC. It really is that simple!

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