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In an age of rapid technological growth and accelerated customer acquisition, seamless business operations are paramount. At DFC, we do all we can to ensure that the journey from customer attainment to billing is a smooth one by integrating with your current CRM.


Cohesive CRM integration

Direct Debit CRM integration ensures a joined up approach to customer management and administration.

By embedding cash collection processes into your CRM software as you can, the inner workings of your business will run more efficiently and you can almost guarantee a higher overall ROI as a result. Rather than waste time plugging numbers into separate data systems, cash flow data capture can be automatic.

Direct Debit sign ups and cancellations can easily be tracked and measured in line with KPIs. Similarly, all information is much more easily accessible and can be organised in a fashion that best suits your business functionality.


Simple and steadfast setup

We’re able to integrate cash flow data and reports into all leading CRM platforms. If your current system isn’t included in this, we’re willing to expand to include this. Setup is quick and simple, without detracting from your daily operational use.

DFC partner, Intermedia Brand Marketing, has had a positive experience with the speed of setup and the accuracy of incoming payment data. They said:

“DFC is able to deliver a reporting suite that enables us to stay abreast of the status of payments, easily manage new orders and alterations to details internally on behalf of our clients – and critically ensure that the integration with our customer relation management tools is simple and effective.

“The initial set-up of the relationship, along with the reporting suite and online access was seamless, with the functionality of the back-end system critical to ensure visibility, accountability and most importantly accuracy of the collection process.”


For more information on how DFC can streamline your business, get in touch now on 01908 422 000.

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