Common Direct Debit error messages

Direct Debits are renowned for being easy to manage. Only in around 1% of cases does a payment fail. Nonetheless, it’s still important to keep track of failures and changes to Direct Debit Instructions.

Bacs will send Direct Debit handlers reports detailing the status of payments post collection, as well as making daily reports available from 6am onwards. A series of codes will give you the information you need as to why a payment has failed or changed. These fall into the following categories:


Direct Debit Instructions notifications

  • Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service (AUDDIS) – AUDDIS notifications relate to issues surrounding the setup process as well as cancellations initiated by the seller.
  • Automatic Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service (ADDACS) – these messages provide information on Direct Debit changes or cancellations initiated by the customer.

Payment request notifications

  • Automatic Return of Unpaid Direct Debits (ARUDD) – you will receive an ARUDD message when a payment fails.
  • Direct Debit Indemnity Claims Advice (DDICA) – DDICA notifications take place when a customer raises an indemnity claim against you. This will be for one of three reasons:
    • The customer denies all knowledge of setting up a mandate.
    • A payment has been collected after a mandate has been cancelled.
    • There are problems with a specific payment collection.


Direct Debit Instructions notifications

AUDDIS notifications

Errors in bank account details provided by customer

Code                                 Bacs explanation
2 Payer deceased
3 Account transferred
5 No account
B Account closed
C Account transferred
L Incorrect payer’s account details


Further errors in submission or Direct Debit Instruction

7 Direct Debit Instruction amount not zero
I Payer reference is not unique
M Transaction code/user status incompatible
O Invalid reference
P Payer’s name not present
Q Service user’s name blank


Unable to setup Direct Debit Instructions on account

F Invalid account type
G Bank will not accept Direct Debits on account
N Transaction disallowed at payer’s branch


Errors cancelling a Direct Debit Instruction

1 Instruction cancelled by payer
6 No instruction
H Instruction has expired
K Instruction cancelled by paying bank


ADDACS notifications

Direct Debit Instruction cancelled

0 Instruction cancelled – refer to payer
1 Instruction cancelled by payer
2 Payer deceased
B Account closed
D Advance notice disputed


Direct Debit Instruction altered

3 Account transferred to a new bank or building society (collection suspended)
C Account transferred to a new bank or building society (DDI transferred without any issues)
E Instruction amended
R Instruction re-instated


Payment request notifications

ARUDD notifications

Insufficient funds                  

0 Refer to payer


Mandate failure

1 Instruction cancelled
2 Payer deceased
3 Account transferred
5 No account (or wrong account type)
6 No instruction
B Account closed


Payment request submission mistakes

8 Amount not yet due
9 Presentation overdue
A Service user differs


Customer disputes payment

4 Advance Notice disputed
7 Amount differs


Get in touch with Debit Finance for any further questions you may have surrounding the Direct Debit process. Alternatively, leave them to collect your Direct Debits whilst you concentrate on running – and growing – your business.

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