Why do businesses choose Direct Debit?

More and more people are using Direct Debit to make their regular payments to a company. The Direct Debit payment process is time and money saving for customers, but it’s equally convenient for businesses, not least because their customer’s love it.

Whether you’re talking your bottom line, customer service or streamlining your processes, Direct Debit is a worthwhile strategy to consider. We’ll name just a few of the main benefits below.


Declutter your administration process

Running a company can be exhausting, particularly when you don’t have a handle on incoming payments. Your struggles will end with Direct Debit as this payment method supports your company’s cash flow and encourages payment flexibility. It’s easy to track incoming and outgoing payments because you’re in control.


Reward your customers

Direct Debit is the cheapest payment method available in the UK. Many organisations, particularly leisure facilities and retail, channel this into member discounts.  Special offers and incentives for people signing up by Direct Debit will make your business even more attractive to prospects and fend off local competition.


Easy marketing

Discounts and incentives aren’t the only way to prick the ears of potential customers. Online joining portals, like DFC’s FastDD, are available 24/7 and easily accessible, whether it’s during morning commutes or sitting back on one’s smartphone. This can be promoted across numerous channels, be it digital or printed collateral, encouraging people to sign up at their convenience.


Doing your bit for the planet         

Corporate social responsibility is a buzzword that doesn’t look set to lose popularity anytime soon. Thankfully, paperless Direct Debits allow you to get customers started without you having to think about paper, printing, and storage. This is beneficial to you as it is to your customers and it’s great news for the environment!



DFC provides revenue management solutions tailored to the needs of your company and clients. You can leave us to collect your Direct Debit’s whilst you concentrate on running – and growing – your business.

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