Direct Debit in an age of instant gratification

Remember the days you had to actually wait for things? Dial-up – there’s a fun example. Sometimes you’d have to wait weeks to get your new dining table or even months to pick up your new car.

In many ways, we can be thankful that those days are long gone. Today’s suppliers support consumers to purchase a product immediately. People literally forget how to wait, be it a loading web page or a lengthy Direct Debit sign-up process.

A growing social impatience

Take this study conducted by MoneySavingExpert in January. A group of people were asked if they would rather take £50 now or £100 in one year. A surprising 51% went with £50 upfront.

Further reports by BT Global Services revealed that 84% of customers favour companies that offer the immediate issue of new debit and credit cards.

Of course, it doesn’t take a year to set up a Direct Debit but that doesn’t disguise the fact that people simply don’t enjoy the time-consuming rigmarole that comes with form-filling and bank liaisons.

It’s far easier to sort it out in a paperless fashion and once your customers are signed up, they need not concern themselves with the organisation of continuing payments thereafter.

Satisfying instant gratification with Direct Debit

Take for instance our online joining portal, FastDD. Customers can sign up to a Direct Debit with your company 24/7. The process is as quick as it is simple and errors on entry are reduced through automatic bank verification.

Customers can also arrange Direct Debit payments just as easily over the phone through our dedicated call centre. Our qualified experts can walk them through the process swiftly and it takes just minutes to complete the process.

Instant gratification is an inescapable facet felt by today’s consumers. It’s your job to make sure these needs are met. Direct Debit makes it easier for your customers to purchase a product immediately.

You can take the hassle out of the payment process with DFC and ensure that your customers stay longer. Find out more by getting in touch on 01908 422026

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