We do more billing

Compared with other payment methods, Direct Debit comes out near the top in terms of versatility. Once signed up, an individual can be charged based on their usage rather than fixed payments.

Whilst this is a brilliant tool for organisations with sporadic customer spending, the administration of this can be arduous leading many to offer an inflexible transfer process regardless.

At Debit Finance, we do more to make the billing process as efficient as possible for you and your customers so you don’t have to.


More billing frequencies

Keeping your customers happy is paramount to maintaining their loyalty. When a customer is happy, you can be sure of a continuous flow of cash throughout the year. A wide range of billing frequencies will take you a good leap forward in ensuring this.

With Debit Finance at the helm, customer billing can be scheduled on a weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

It’s also available daily, Monday through to Friday. Should there be any queries about the billing process, our call centre is open Monday through to Saturday. This takes the onus off your employees whose time is often deflected away from their primary role by such matters.


More methods of loading

From online payments to traditional paper payments and hosted API, we offer a number of collection options to best suit you and your customers.

Our most popular collection method, FastDD, provides customers with a quick and easy sign-up method that can be carried out online across a variety of platforms.

Accessible 24/7, FastDD acts as a continuous sales aid to increase your number of monthly Direct Debit sales and automatic bank transfer reduces errors on entry.

Electronic File Transfer is another hugely popular method that allows people to collect paperless Direct Debit payments either face to face or over the phone.

As simple as it is quick, bank account verification takes just seconds and our invaluable 24-hour online data retrieval service keeps you fully up to date with payments thereafter.


So there you have it. For more information on how DFC can streamline your business, get in touch now on 01908 422 000.

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