Generating gym membership leads online

Despite what people might think, traffic and sales don’t always go hand in hand.

Just picture your gym website like a bricks and mortar shop. Getting prospects through the door is simply one part of the process. But what’s to say they won’t take a quick glance before crossing the road and choosing your competitor?

As experts in helping close Direct Debit sales for our health and fitness clients, we’re pretty savvy on the mechanics that drive a purchase. Consider a typical sales funnel:





Decision (this may happen after they’ve left your website)



Each member’s purchasing journey will start before and even after they view your website, and your website needs to reflect this. Focusing on the following is the key to keeping them on your side of the road:


Value proposition 

First impressions count. Giving people an idea of exactly what makes your gym stand out from the crowd is crucial – hitting the back button on their browser makes no odds to them. Everything from the design of your website through to the content impacts this.


Data, data and more data

What demographics is your website targeting? Younger people may prefer a more ‘nitty-gritty’ feel. Families will like to see all of the kids activities. Knowing your audience is critical to engaging them.



We’re in a relatively new age of instant gratification. That is to say, attention spans are shrinking and prospects take no prisoners in their pursuit of a purchase. If it feels like a challenge to objectively analyse your gym website’s navigability, get someone else to have a play.



Bigger purchases like gym memberships take more time to consider. Even if they like what they see on your website, they probably won’t make a purchase straight away. Targeting your paid marketing at people who have visited your website and are in the middle of the sales funnel will keep your gym in the forefront of their mind in the decision and action part.



Online joining 

Give your gym prospects somewhere to convert! Many gyms haven’t got this far yet because they think a simple contact form or phone number will suffice. The bottom line is that it won’t. If your organisation doesn’t already have online joining, you can bet your bottom dollar that a good handful of your competitors do.

Online joining is an ingenious 24-hour sales aid with the ability to speed up the sign-up process, reduce manual errors on entry, and market your centre at the same time! New members can sign up from the couch, on their morning commute or through a Facebook post marketing an offer.

Without online joining, you could be losing heaps of potential members.


FastDD is DFC’s online joining portal – a bespoke, effective way for your customers to make paperless Direct Debits. FastDD can be fully integrated into your existing website and CRM, and whitelabeled in line with your branding. Automatic bank account verification reduces delays and problems at first payment. Find out more:

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