Keep track and keep ahead with Data Retrieval

Welcome to the future with our innovative solution for your business – DFC Data Retrieval Service. It helps you keep your customers’ Direct Debit data up to date and makes it a breeze to monitor and maintain their payment information.


What exactly is data retrieval?

Data Retrieval is DFC’s unique management system provides you with up-to-date reports on your incoming Direct Debit payments. It gives you the tools to make membership and subscription administration a breeze.


How can it benefit my business?

Thanks to DFC’s unique management platform, integrating DFC’s Data Retrieval System to your existing CRM can be done with no hassle. It also makes the process easy and user-friendly, without having to deal with complex queries to extract the desired data. However, this does not mean that our Data Retrieval Solution isn’t powerful.

In fact, it has the capabilities to help you track, monitor and manage:

Existing Direct Debit information;

Unpaid Direct Debits;

Frozen Direct Debits;

The new DDs that have been processed;

Customer, that have cancelled the instruction;

Accessible 24/7, Data Retrieval can provide you with handy insights on anything from your best-paying customers to your worst – information that could ultimately be strongly impacting your bottom line.


Why should I choose DFC?

We offer a transparent service, with clear pricing and no hidden extras. Constantly working hard to provide new solutions for our clients, we deliver on our promises – day in and day out.

Our mission is to make our clients business easier and help improve your relationships with your customers so that they stay longer. You can let us collect your Direct Debits, while you concentrate on running and growing your business and on the things that you really value.

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