We do more analytics

Years ago, it took an inordinate amount of legwork and man hours to uncover insights and trends. Now, we have it at our fingertips – hurrah!

Thanks to the dawning of the internet, we now have the tools at our disposal to make educated choices, rather than relying on conjecture or falling foul to human error. This is handy for companies that depend on a steady stream of Direct Debit payments.


Foresight in finance

Direct Debit is a great collection choice when it comes to streamlining your cash flow. It really requires little administrational input and can save you a heap of time and money.

Nonetheless, keeping track of your transactions is not only important for the now, it sets a pretty clear path for the future and the direction in which you need to steer your company.

You need to know where your payments are coming from, where payments have defaulted, who has cancelled, who’s your best paying customer and who’s your worst. This way, you can keep tabs on your income. Luckily, DFC has it covered.


Data Retrieval Service

DFC’s 24-hour data retrieval service gives you the tools to keep track of your Direct Debits and stay ahead of the game. Their unique management platform allows you to maintain and monitor the payments coming in from your customers, and be proactive on defaulting payments.

The Data Retrieval Service can easily be integrated into existing CRM systems, allowing all data to slot in seamlessly with current operational functions. From here, you can clearly scope out areas that need attention and identify key areas for growth.

The Data Retrieval Service helps you account for every penny, giving you the apparatus you need to improve overall collection rates, avoid holes in your company’s pocket and effectively manage administration.

Find out more about DFC’s Data Retrieval Service here and get in touch with the experts who can efficiently manage and grow your Direct Debit collection process.

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