We do more analytics

Years ago, it took an inordinate amount of legwork and man hours to uncover insights and trends. Now, we have it at our fingertips – hurrah!

Thanks to the dawning of the internet, we now have the tools at our disposal to make educated choices, rather than relying on conjecture or falling foul to human error. This is handy for companies that depend on a steady stream of Direct Debit payments.


Foresight in finance

Direct Debit is a great collection choice when it comes to streamlining your cash flow. It really requires little administrational input and can save you a heap of time and money.

Nonetheless, keeping track of your transactions is not only important for the now, it sets a pretty clear path for the future and the direction in which you need to steer your company.

You need to know where your payments are coming from, where payments have defaulted, who has cancelled, who’s your best paying customer and who’s your worst. This way, you can keep tabs on your income. Luckily, DFC has it covered.


Data Retrieval Service

DFC’s 24-hour data retrieval service gives you the tools to keep track of your Direct Debits and stay ahead of the game. Their unique management platform allows you to maintain and monitor the payments coming in from your customers, and be proactive on defaulting payments.

The Data Retrieval Service can easily be integrated into existing CRM systems, allowing all data to slot in seamlessly with current operational functions. From here, you can clearly scope out areas that need attention and identify key areas for growth.

The Data Retrieval Service helps you account for every penny, giving you the apparatus you need to improve overall collection rates, avoid holes in your company’s pocket and effectively manage administration.

Find out more about DFC’s Data Retrieval Service here and get in touch with the experts who can efficiently manage and grow your Direct Debit collection process.

Is it time to consider direct debit?

A set amount coming out of your bank account every month in the form of a direct debit can sometimes seem like a daunting prospect. However, here at DFC, we know this is one of the safest and easiest ways to pay for your products and services, with the benefits far outweighing the negatives.

If you have a direct debit mandate in front of you or are tempted to pay this way to secure yourself the best deal, then have a read of this blog post to find out why direct debit is for you!


There’s a safety net in place for if things go wrong

Let’s imagine you write a cheque to your local gym, ensuring your salsa classes are booked and paid for for the next six months. You quickly check your online banking and notice the amount has been deducted not once but twice. Now hours of phone calls to your bank and the gym are about to take place, with the dance class a distant memory.

Set Direct Debit payments to prevent this, with a Guarantee in place ensuring that customers will get a full and immediate refund if a payment error has been made.


Your money is immediately available, meaning a better service for YOU

A fixed amount going into a business’s account every month gives companies the opportunity to put that money back into the business, rather than having to wait until more revenue comes in to fix the rowing machine!

It’s easy to assume that businesses want you to pay by Direct Debit to boost their balance. Whilst all companies have bills to pay, your direct debit payments mean funds are available to improve the products and services you are paying for.


No late payments

Is there anything worse than having to pay a company, for not paying a company? Two payments deducted for one service.

With a Direct Debit in place, you can rest assured knowing how much is coming out and when.


It’s easier to manage your money

We would all like our savings accounts to be fuller and for money to be more readily available when needed. However, many of us just don’t have large amounts of cash to spare meaning that a little and often direct debit payment is the perfect way to avoid missing out.


You can get access to the service you want more quickly

Alternative payment methods (to direct debit) often involve remembering to send a cheque or engaging in a telephone conversation. With direct debit, if you decide you want something you can visit the website and sign up there and then!

Why do businesses choose Direct Debit?

More and more people are using Direct Debit to make their regular payments to a company. The Direct Debit payment process is time and money saving for customers, but it’s equally convenient for businesses, not least because their customer’s love it.

Whether you’re talking your bottom line, customer service or streamlining your processes, Direct Debit is a worthwhile strategy to consider. We’ll name just a few of the main benefits below.


Declutter your administration process

Running a company can be exhausting, particularly when you don’t have a handle on incoming payments. Your struggles will end with Direct Debit as this payment method supports your company’s cash flow and encourages payment flexibility. It’s easy to track incoming and outgoing payments because you’re in control.


Reward your customers

Direct Debit is the cheapest payment method available in the UK. Many organisations, particularly leisure facilities and retail, channel this into member discounts.  Special offers and incentives for people signing up by Direct Debit will make your business even more attractive to prospects and fend off local competition.


Easy marketing

Discounts and incentives aren’t the only way to prick the ears of potential customers. Online joining portals, like DFC’s FastDD, are available 24/7 and easily accessible, whether it’s during morning commutes or sitting back on one’s smartphone. This can be promoted across numerous channels, be it digital or printed collateral, encouraging people to sign up at their convenience.


Doing your bit for the planet         

Corporate social responsibility is a buzzword that doesn’t look set to lose popularity anytime soon. Thankfully, paperless Direct Debits allow you to get customers started without you having to think about paper, printing, and storage. This is beneficial to you as it is to your customers and it’s great news for the environment!



DFC provides revenue management solutions tailored to the needs of your company and clients. You can leave us to collect your Direct Debit’s whilst you concentrate on running – and growing – your business.

We do more customer service

Customer service may not be the backbone of the economy, but it’s certainly the brain. We all set our expectations high in this department and take offence when it’s not met. After all, would you continue giving your hard earned money to an organisation that didn’t treat you with respect? That’s why, at DFC, we do more to go the extra mile for our clients and their customers.

A more tailored approach

It’s our job to provide a seamless operation that works in synergy with yours to maximise income, streamline administration and give you a competitive advantage.

Every organisation is different. That’s why we offer a bespoke service tailored to your services and clients. Our fully managed service (FMS) handles all the hard work of collecting Direct Debits for you so that you can focus on your core business.

Our FMS takes the onus of organisations in areas such as collection and credit control. We also go out of our way to integrate with your CRM system. If it’s a system we haven’t previously encountered, we’re more than happy to go the extra mile to include it.

“DFC is meticulous to detail and customer service is second to none, not to mention the expertise and advice they offer our management team at all levels.” – Mike Lyons, BH Live

You will always find us working hard to provide the next big solution or innovation to make the lives of our clients easier.

Working for your customers

Around providing you with excellent customer service, we’re also doing the same for your customers. It’s important that we make the payment process as simple as possible for them. As such, we’ve opened up more payment avenues than ever before to ensure that there’s always someone on hand to handle your customers’ queries.

We’ve recently expanded our call centres hours to include Saturdays for those that simply don’t have time to get in touch during the working week. Our Direct Debit experts are busy listening to thousands of requests a day so that your busy staff don’t have to. DFC’s friendly team are as knowledgeable as they are helpful.

Our online joining portal is also easily accessible across a range of devices. This allows your customers to sign up to direct debits quickly and at their convenience. It can be easily integrated into your site and app, acting as a 24-hour sales aid.
If you’re interested in our services, get in touch now on 01908 422026 or drop us a message on our contact form.