Is it time to consider direct debit?

A set amount coming out of your bank account every month in the form of a direct debit can sometimes seem like a daunting prospect. However, here at DFC, we know this is one of the safest and easiest ways to pay for your products and services, with the benefits far outweighing the negatives.

If you have a direct debit mandate in front of you or are tempted to pay this way to secure yourself the best deal, then have a read of this blog post to find out why direct debit is for you!


There’s a safety net in place for if things go wrong

Let’s imagine you write a cheque to your local gym, ensuring your salsa classes are booked and paid for for the next six months. You quickly check your online banking and notice the amount has been deducted not once but twice. Now hours of phone calls to your bank and the gym are about to take place, with the dance class a distant memory.

Set Direct Debit payments to prevent this, with a Guarantee in place ensuring that customers will get a full and immediate refund if a payment error has been made.


Your money is immediately available, meaning a better service for YOU

A fixed amount going into a business’s account every month gives companies the opportunity to put that money back into the business, rather than having to wait until more revenue comes in to fix the rowing machine!

It’s easy to assume that businesses want you to pay by Direct Debit to boost their balance. Whilst all companies have bills to pay, your direct debit payments mean funds are available to improve the products and services you are paying for.


No late payments

Is there anything worse than having to pay a company, for not paying a company? Two payments deducted for one service.

With a Direct Debit in place, you can rest assured knowing how much is coming out and when.


It’s easier to manage your money

We would all like our savings accounts to be fuller and for money to be more readily available when needed. However, many of us just don’t have large amounts of cash to spare meaning that a little and often direct debit payment is the perfect way to avoid missing out.


You can get access to the service you want more quickly

Alternative payment methods (to direct debit) often involve remembering to send a cheque or engaging in a telephone conversation. With direct debit, if you decide you want something you can visit the website and sign up there and then!

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