Our valuable call centre does more to help your customers

The internet is great for answering all manner of intricate questions and emails are fantastic for squaring off quick queries. Sometimes though, you just need to speak to a human. That’s where call centres come in.

This is particularly pertinent in complicated areas such as finance. Providing a quick, direct line of communication that allows people to settle matters from the comfort of their own home is a cornerstone of customer service.

DFC set up their call centre to deflect the onus off busy organisations without the necessary knowledge or time to deal with Direct Debit queries. It’s proved an ongoing success, with almost 50% of all enquiries now handled over the phone!


A high grade of service

DFC’s trained call centre experts are busy taking up to 20,000 calls a month from their client’s customers. Enquiries cover everything from the setup of Direct Debits to cancelling and changing payment dates.

It’s their goal not to get caught up in the negative associations that befall most call centres, especially in areas like wait times. DFC’s call handlers’ answer 95% of all calls that come their way and 75% of these are picked up within the first 45 seconds.

With the reputation of their clients reflected in the service provided by DFC’s handlers, it’s imperative that all calls are handled in a professional and effective manner.

More recently, they opened their doors on a Saturday to provide support to hard-working individuals who simply don’t have the time to get in touch during the week. This way, customers can manage their payments more efficiently and busy organisations can get back to what they do well – growing their business.


Training and security

One of the top priorities at DFC’s call centre is security. When handling sensitive data frequently, it’s imperative not to let it fall into wayward hands.

All customers are taken through a series of security questions before their enquiry is dealt with and staff are trained to a level in which they are competent to comfortably handle all safety measures that are in place.

Beyond this, employees undergo a thorough training induction that teaches them the ins and outs of the business alongside the nature of calls handled on a day to day basis. No stone is left unturned. As a result call handlers can manage each call efficiently and as quickly as possible.


Our call centres are open from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 4 pm. If readily available help for your customers regarding their Direct Debits sounds like something you could benefit from, then get in touch now on 01908 422 000 or drop us a message.

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