DFC brings the Tour of Britain to Milton Keynes for National Fitness Day

The 2018 Tour of Britain didn’t pass through Milton Keynes. So the DFC team decided to bring their very own version the comfort of their office for the ‘most active day of the year’ – National Fitness Day.

Using two spinning bikes loaned from DFC partners 1Life, the team donned their cycling gear in a bid to complete a stage of the tour between them.

To put this into perspective, the average tour of Britain stage this year was 142 km (88 miles for the imperial-minded). So it was quite a surprise when the team managed to cycle the equivalent of two stages all in all – hooray!

Ivan Stevenson, Director at DFC, kicked off the marathon cycle with Customer Services Administrator Reggie Franklin. Albeit tired and cycled-out, Ivan still found the strength to applaud National Fitness Day for its positive influence across the UK

‘Many of our valued clients come from within the health & fitness sector and have a direct impact on the health of the nation through the great work they are doing, not only on national Fitness Day but 365 days of the year.  

‘We were thrilled to be able to show support for National Fitness Day alongside our clients.’ He concluded, before offering ‘special thanks to 1Life for the loan of the bikes.’

Now in its eighth year, National Fitness Day aims to get bums out of seats (unless rowing or cycling of course) in a bid to ‘move the nation.’ Fun and fitness is the aim of the game. Around the country, groups and individuals performed dance-a-thons, treadmill challenges and even some high-street classes.

Many of our clients got involved in the day. 1Life threw 1BIGWORKOUT – the biggest workout in town. LiveWire Warrington celebrated with Fit to Tackle sessions at the Halliwell Jones stadium.

Amongst the sea of differing activities, every organisation, individual and group involved in the day had one goal in mind – to inspire people to lead healthier and more active lives.


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