Dr Paul Bedford and DFC to host free webinar: How to Compete in a Competitive Market

DFC are continuing to add value to their clients by again linking with Dr Paul Bradford, owner of Retention Guru, for an exclusive webinar. On 3rd October at 3pm, Dr Paul Bedford is hosting How to Compete in a Competitive Market for DFC customers dealing with the rapidly increasing fitness industry competition – a huge challenge for those businesses that are starting to feel the squeeze.

With member behaviour moving away from brand loyalty, gyms are having to work harder than ever to retain customers. In today’s competitive market, when a new operator opens near you, you can expect to lose 20-50% of your customers for up to 6-18 months. Could you survive that?

With this in mind, this session will focus on how to plan and respond to increased competition in order to maintain a profitable business.

During the session, Dr Bedford will identify the 5 key steps all operators should take to enable their business to effectively manage the impact of increased competition:


• Gaining Insight and doing your homework
• Initiation and planning your response
• Development of your Do’s, Don’ts and Dates
• Activation and Action
• Review, Revise, Renew


How to Compete in a Competitive Market will draw from data collected by leading revenue management solutions provider for the fitness industry, DFC. From managing the member journey to better understanding the reasons for their departure, the webinar will provide unparalleled insight into the minds of your members and give you the tools to make them stay.


When is it? 3rd October at 3pm.

Who’s it for? DFC partners and customers – particularly health clubs who concerned about competitors in the competitive fitness industry, or those who are struggling to hold onto their customers.

How much does it cost? It’s absolutely free!

Where to sign up: https://www.retentionguru.com/registration-page-81baf401-19d1-4441-a5cc-d60bcf431a38.

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