Dr Paul Bedford and DFC to host free webinar: The War on Attrition

On 26th February at 3pm, Dr Paul Bedford is hosting The War on Attrition, an exclusive webinar for DFC customers tackling low retention rates – one of the biggest consumer challenges blighting today’s health and fitness industry.

As a slew of new brands enter the scene, competition is at an unprecedented level, member behaviour is changing, and gyms are having to work harder than ever to maintain loyalty. The War on Attrition webinar will provide leverage for health clubs looking to maintain ongoing member relations in this unique fitness climate.

During the webinar, Dr Bedford, owner of Retention Guru and a leading mind in membership behavioural patterns, will dive into the fundamentals of improving retention rates through key areas including:


  • Why attrition is not the opposite of retention
  • How to report your attrition to your board, managers and staff
  • What to say in the joining process to reduce the cancelled at bank notifications
  • 4 strategies to deploy when members have given their one months’ notice
  • Saving members who have inferred they wish to leave in the future.


The War on Attrition will draw from data collected by leading revenue management solutions provider for the fitness industry, DFC. From managing the member journey to better understanding the reasons for their departure, the webinar will provide unparalleled insight into the minds of your members and give you the tools to make them stay.


When is it? 26th February at 3pm.

Who’s it for? DFC partners and customers – particularly health clubs who are displaying poor attrition or having difficulty keeping hold of their members.

How much does it cost? It’s absolutely free!

Where to sign up: https://www.retentionguru.com/pl/63300.

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